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Chapter 1

Sasuke hated Naruto, and Naruto hated Sasuke....or so you would think. In fact, there's a bond between the two so strong that nobody could ever break it.....


"Sasuke?" No response. "SASUKE! ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?" This got a response from the raven haired ninja.
"What?!" he hissed; an angry fire burned in his onyx eyes as he turned to glare at his blonde teammate.
"Great now you made me forget." the blonde snapped.
"Doesn't surprise me, considering you're a blonde and all." the raven muttered under his breath.
"Sasuke. Naruto. Cut it out. If you two are going to try and rip each others' heads off like on the last mission, we're going to have some problems." Their sensei, Kakashi Hatake, said in his usual lazy drawl.
"Hn." the raven, Sasuke, grunted. He wasn't one to waste words when a grunt or glare would suffice. But as for Naruto, he had to go and make a big deal over the smallest things.
"We weren't trying to rip each others' heads off Kakashi-sensei!" he whined.
There he goes again, making a big deal out of nothing, just like when we were younger...I can't believe it's been a whole five years already. Sasuke thought to himself. They were only twelve when they had become ninjas. Now Sasuke was a full grown man, in his prime of eighteen years of age. Naruto not far behind at seventeen. As Sasuke pondered this, he noticed how much his feelings had changed for the loud-mouthed dobe. He realized that it wasn't the same brotherly love they had shared for so long in the early days of team 7 before Sasuke had run away to Orochimaru. No. It was much more, but what was it? Now that I think about it, Naruto's shirt is kinda tight on him....accenting his toned biceps and formed abs attained through rigorous hours of training where Naruto got all sweaty......What am I thinking?! Get it together Uchiha!
"Well, this is as far as I can escort you two. I have to get back Iru- I mean Lady Tsunade for my next mission assignment." There was an uncomfortable pause as Kakashi looked anywhere but at his former students. " of luck!" Their sensei exclaimed, and with small puff of smoke, disappeared. Sasuke turned around and began to walk off without a word, contemplating what the silver-haired man had almost said, when he tripped on an upturned root. He fell towards the ground and grazed his pale cheek across a particularly sharp stone, leaving a small, bloody gash on Sasuke's right cheek. The raven stood up, unfazed, and to his surprise, saw Naruto standing right in front of him.
"You okay Sasuke? Oh, your cheek is bleeding!" he exclaimed, reaching his hand up to wipe the ruby liquid from his teammate's face. As the blonde learned in closer, as he was now only centimeters away from Sasuke's face, Sasuke found it harder and harder to keep control of himself. Sasuke leaned in closer to Naruto until their was almost no space between them.
"What are you doing there Sasuke?" Naruto questioned. Sasuke could hear the confusion in his teammate's tone. Sasuke backed away quickly from the blonde, and to his extreme embarrassment, he began to blush slightly.
"W-what are YOU doing? Why were you getting so close to me like that?!" he stammered, further confusing Naruto.
"But weren't you getting closer to-" Naruto began to say before Sasuke cut him off. "
Hn. Enough of that. We have to get going." he said quickly, still blushing. Naruto continued to stare confusedly at Sasuke for a longer moment, Sasuke adverting his eyes towards the rotting leaves below. Unable to take the tension any longer, Naruto began to walk towards their destination, the Hidden Lunar Village.
"Okay! We have a four day run ahead of us! LET'S GO!" The two Hidden Leaf Ninja took off at break neck speed.
Usual Naruto. Back to his goofy-dobe self. But good thing he didn't notice what I was doing....wait! What WAS I doing!? Getting so close to him like...that? Sasuke stopped dead in his tracks, grabbing onto a tree branch to brace himself.
"Oi! Sasuke! What's up?" Naruto turned around and jogged back to meet up with Sasuke. Sasuke didn't reply at first. Naruto waved a hand in front of Sasuke's face: no reaction. Damn! He's really out of it. I wonder what's eating at him so bad.
Sasuke couldn't stop himself from freaking out. He had spent the last six years of his life (minus the years given to Orochimaru and Itachi) with this person! And all through that time he had never been tempted to get close to him! But now, he had shown the smallest concern for his well being and he wanted to feel him? Is that what I was I doing!? Trying to get closer to Naruto? To be able to feel his lips against my own....? But. Wait. That couldn't be right! Sasuke was straight! Totally straight! I mean sure, he had never really shown any interest in any of the girls back in Konoha, but that was because they had always fawned over him like he was some sort of god to worship. They never really cared about the screwed up boy on the inside. They only saw the cool, indifferent face that everyone thought was hot. But that didn't mean he didn't like girls...did it? Even in other countries he never really noticed anything special about them. I mean sure he did a quick glance up and down their physics', maybe noted what cup size they wore but that was about it. No reaction, no advanced thoughts past "Man, she has some really big boobs", no nothing. He remained as cool and composed as ever. Even when Kakashi had lent him those books of his he felt nothing. The main characters had been straight and he had read through them quite thoroughly (even over some of the more questionable sections). Again, no reaction. Maybe I was just crazy with anticipation from the mission. I mean, who wouldn't be? The Lunar Village is one of the most high-security villages that ever existed. And we have to break in and steal a scroll! That would be intimidating to anyone. Sure I'm one of the top ninjas in the world. Sure I was trained by one of the legendary sannin and killed his ass. Sure I defeated my brother. Sure I have Naruto with me, who isn't half bad at stealth. But still, I might die....That is definitely it! I was just antsy with anticipation and needed some familiarity to calm myself...yeah.
Sasuke flinched out of his panic induced trance, nearly falling off the branch he had been standing on. "WHAT!? USURATONKACHI!"
"Whoa! Calm down dude!" Naruto exclaimed, holding his hands up in defense against the verbal (and possibly physical) onslaught. Naruto stared at Sasuke, taking in the fact that he was breathing faster that normal. "Dude...are you alright?"
Sasuke looked up at Naruto. Onyx met azure. "...fine..." Naruto continued to look at Sasuke for another moment. Seeming to understand that Sasuke wasn't going to explain further, he turned around.
"Okay then. We should get moving again. We still have a long ways to go..." Naruto took off again, taking the lead as Sasuke caught up to him, and they fell into step. They didn't talk the entire rest of the way. Each pondering what could possibly happen on this little trip into dangerous waters....


"We should camp here for tonight." Naruto stated, no emotion.
"Yeah..."They both stopped and slumped to the ground, catching their breath from the long run and exhausting thoughts they both had shared that day. Five minutes later Naruto was on his feet and moving.
"Na. Sasuke. Stand up." He was slowly approaching Sasuke.
"Why...?" Sasuke asked, watching Naruto warily out of the corner of his eye.
""Cause you have the food in your backpack and I'm hungry." Naruto leaned down and reached his hands towards Sasuke's backside.
"Woah! Holy shit man! Hang on just one second! I'll get it out if you just give me a moment! Jeez!" Sasuke abruptly stood up, took a few steps away from Naruto, turned around, and begun to dig around inside his backpack. Not ten seconds later he turned and came face to face with Naruto, yet again. Two seconds and one blush later there was a good ten feet (quite a safe distance in Sasuke's opinion) between himself and Naruto.
A cocked eyebrow was Naruto's response to Sasuke's quick movement. "What's your problem Sasuke?" Sasuke didn't reply immediately.
"Nothing. Just surprised me is all." Sasuke mumbled. He slowly walked back over to Naruto and handed him share of the rice balls for that day.
"I don't know how I'm going to survive on this crap for the next six months..." Naruto grumbled.
"Stop your complaining and just eat it. Pretend it's ramen or something."
"Thanks for reminding me it's not ramen bastard. Now I REALLY won't be able to survive it."
"Shut up already or I'm going to eat if for you!"
"You wouldn't!" Naruto took his food and held it protectively to his chest in mock horror. "I would starve!"
"Oh like hell you would. With that body of yours you wouldn't die from not eating for a day. You have too much muscle for that to happen." Sasuke's eyes widened. What did I just say....?
"O-oh....really...that's…um...thank you?" Naruto blushed slightly. Thank god it's dark out or Sasuke would see me blushing right now. But seriously, how can he just say something that careless after what happened earlier...? "Well it's getting' pretty late and we still have a long journey tomorrow so I guess I'll say good night and be off to slumber land...hopefully my dreams will be filled with Sakura...." Of course Naruto said the last part quietly to himself but with Sasuke's highly tuned ears he picked up on it. Sasuke suddenly felt angry. Why the hell would he want to dream about that bitch?! She's nothing but a slut that would stab him in the back the first chance she got. She's not deserving of his affection. If anything he should dream about me....! What! NO! No, he shouldn't....that would be...wrong....right?
With Sasuke lost to his new train of thought and his own world, Naruto lay down on the hard, cold ground and tried to forget about what Sasuke had just said about him. Unfortunately, it didn't work real well. He couldn't get it out of his head. He thinks I have muscles...does he think that is attractive....?! Why would I care if he thinks I'm attractive? It's not like I'm attracted to him. Why would I think Sasuke is attractive? I mean sure, his skin is like perfect and flawless and all that. And he has a really toned body....oh god! I am attracted him! How do I go from liking Sakura (a female) to being attracted to Sasuke (a MALE!)?! How does that work!? Well...I guess if I really do think about it...ever since that day at the academy all those years ago I have started noticing Sasuke more and how he carries himself, so cool and collected even though all that shit with his family happened....and how when he smirks it really does light up his face....Naruto's eyes shot open as he discovered that a little problem had begun to form down below. CRAP! No wait...back up...! That did NOT just happen from thinking about Sasuke's smirk...did it? Naruto began to feel heat pool in his cheeks, around his neck and ears, and particularly southward. Okay! Need to get to sleep and NOT to get overheated by thinking about Sasuke. Okay...Me, think about Pervy-Sage finally scoring with Lady Tsunade...ugh! A slight shudder overtook Naruto's body as this thought crossed his mind.
Sasuke took note of this little action. Wonder what caused that. Normally, Naruto isn't the type to have an outburst like that. Weird...As Sasuke continued to gaze at Naruto he noticed how his breathing began to even out. His chest rising slowly up and down, tugging at his t-shirt and then letting it sag downward again. Sasuke's gaze began to drift upward to Naruto's face, taking in the sun kissed skin that wasn't covered up by clothing. He looks so peaceful when he's asleep. His features don't get ruined by his mouth always being open. Or by the fact that his eyebrows are always turned down in a determined grimace. He's like an angel. So tranquil and calm. It's quite refreshing to see him like that...I guess...if that's what you want to call it. Sasuke's eyes travelled southward, back down to abs he had just glanced at previously but now got an eyeful of. They really are well toned aren't they? They look really hard, but I wonder if they would feel soft or not. How would they feel if I rubbed against him....Unfazed by this train of thought, Sasuke's eyes continued to tour Naruto's body with acute attention. But as they drifted lower and lower Sasuke began to feel the tightness in his own pants. When Sasuke reached just above the most private of areas, he stopped. Huh?! What is that!? Sasuke quickly looked down. Oh dear lord! How did that happen!? All I was doing was checking Naruto out! Wait! HUH!? Checking....Naruto....out....? I was checking Naruto out....and that's the I really attracted to him that badly...? Did I really just check out another male and react to it? He looked down again. Yeah. I had definitely reacted to it. But...I never reacted from looking at other males. Again, I just give 'em a quick glance over and might notice something interesting about the guy. Maybe....maybe I'm not gay or straight....I never really react to ANYONE. Why is it only Naruto that can have such an embarrassing effect on me? At this moment Sasuke glanced up again at Naruto. He was still peacefully asleep; some blonde hairs had decided to cover his face a little. You know....he really isn't that bad. He might be a bit obnoxious at times but...he can be fun....too....Sasuke couldn't think past this thought. His head lolled forward onto his chest and he fell into a peaceful sleep with no dreams, still slumped against the tree he had taken shelter under. All thoughts of the mission, of his situation, of Naruto...all faded away into nothingness as the blackness overcame his weary mind and body.


The sunlight invaded Sasuke's beautiful blackness as it rose into the sky, brightening the world with its rays. Slowly, Sasuke's eyelids fluttered open to greet the new day. He blinked a few times to rid himself of the troublesome goo that always pooled around his eyes. Getting to his feet, stretching and yawning, Sasuke looked around the makeshift campsite. There were a few animal tracks here and there, a few more leaves had left their branches to kiss the ground, but other than that, everything was where it should be. Even Naruto hadn't moved at all. He was still on his side facing Sasuke. Arms curled up around his chest and legs extended downward, knees slightly bent. The sun had risen just high enough by now that it shone down on Naruto's head, making his blonde locks glow softly in the yellow light. Now he truly does look like an angel. He even has a halo. To bad we're on this stupid mission. If I could, I would just let him sleep. Oh well. Time to start another day.
"Na. Naruto. Time to get up." Sasuke's call didn't even faze Naruto. Not a single limb twitched. Not a single sound acknowledged Sasuke had even uttered a word. "Naruto. Get up would ya? We have to get going soon or we won't keep our schedule." Sasuke called louder this time. Naruto grunted in his sleep and rolled over, now facing away from him. Alright. If he doesn't want to get up then I'm just going to have to make him get up.
"FIREBALL JUTSU!" In a flurry of hand signs and burst of flame, Sasuke directed his attack straight towards Naruto"s exposed rear end. A clear shot from Sasuke's angle.
"AAAAAHH! HOLY SHIT!!" In a display Sasuke didn't even know Naruto could perform, Naruto jumped to his feet, limbs flailing around haphazardly, and jumped to the nearest tree branch. He began to pat down his backside profusely. Sasuke began to chuckle softly, but just loud enough that he knew Naruto could hear. "WHAT THE HELL TEME!! YOU NEARLY BURNT ME TO A CRISP!!" It was all Sasuke could do to keep himself from collapsing to the forest floor.
"I'm sorry Naruto was just too perfect and you...ha...just wouldn't wake up no matter what I did." Sasuke explained as he began to calm himself. Naruto remained on the tree branch, still patting down to put out any remaining flames. When he was satisfied that all was taken care of and sorted out, Naruto descended from the tree and walked back towards Sasuke.
"So what's for breakfast? Wait. Don't tell me. Rice balls?"
"Yeah, that's right."
"Too bad. I dreamed last night that I was back at Ichiraku's eating their Miso Pork." Naruto conveniently left out the fact that Sasuke had been there as well. Sasuke didn't need to know that his subconscious mind was telling him that he wanted to go on a date with said ninja. That would make this entire mission really awkward andbecause of that they would probably fail and then Granny Tsunade would skin them alive. "Na. Sasuke. Did you dream anything?"
"Guess I'll take that as a no."
They continued to eat in silence. An animal or two skirted by underneath the brush. A few nocturnal creatures returned to their homes for the remainder of the day to wait out the heat of the sun. They packed up their belongings and got ready to go.
"Na. Sasuke. Do you see those clouds over there? They look really black. Do you think that we'll run into some trouble?"
"Maybe." Sasuke looked towards the sky and saw that Naruto was right. The sky really did look menacing. If he had to take a guess, he'd wager that they were bound to run into to some major storm with at least strong winds. And if it started to hail, they would have to find shelter along the way. "Well, we shouldn't concern ourselves with that now. We need to focus on getting to the next checkpoint. It's about fifty-two miles north from here, but if we keep a steady pace we should be able to reach it before it gets dark."
"Understood. Come on! Let's get going already!" They began their long run.


"Oi! Naruto! You better not be falling asleep on me!" Sasuke spat out. It turns out Naruto was right about the storm and they had to take refuge in a small crevice.
"Sleepy…" Naruto slumped over and fell, landing right in Sasuke's lap. Sasuke's breath hitched and the blonde shifted positions to get more comfortable. A small blush began to bloom in Sasuke's cheeks. Arms held stiffly at his sides and every muscle contracted, Sasuke looked down to the sleeping boy resting on his lap. What do I do?! Do I A) wake him up and yell at him B) wake him up and tell him to get off me C) let him sleep or D) go to sleep myself (of course I don't know how I would manage that one in a situation like this). C sounds the best to me. He really does look cute when he's asleep after all. It would be a shame to ruin this moment anyway.
With that last thought Sasuke unclenched his somehow closed fist and reached up to stroke away the few strands of hair that had fallen down onto Naruto's forehead. A single shudder ran down Sasuke's back as his fingers brushed lightly against the sleeping blonde's face. At the same time a contented sigh escaped Naruto. Surprised by this reaction, Sasuke paused for a second, then continued to stroke Naruto's face. Across his forehead, down to his cheeks, lightly across his nose, over his eyelids, then over his soft lips. On impulse Sasuke leaned back onto the cold, stone floor of the cave. He pulled Naruto with him so that he lay beside him at his chest. Not a minute later, Sasuke fell asleep with his arms wrapped around Naruto. Naruto the same.


Naruto awoke feeling incredibly warmer than he was used to being. He lazily opened his eyes and saw that he was wrapped up in Sasuke's protective embrace. That's weird...I don't remember falling asleep next to Sasuke....I remember that we had to find shelter from the storm. That I had gotten sleepy and had fallen over and landed on something really soft. And I remember thinking that that was weird because weren't caves made of rock and rocks were hard? Other than that I don't remember anything. Naruto finally decided to look up at his teammate. No scowl or smirk. Wow. Sasuke looks really nice when he's asleep. I can almost see the little boy from our youth. Naruto sat up slightly and looked over Sasuke towards the entrance of the cave. It's still dark out....I'm just gonna go back to sleep now. No use in waking up Sasuke to try and find somewhere to sleep when we're already here and comfortable and warm....And with that Naruto drifted again into a sleep with dreams that starred Sasuke and himself.


"NARUTO!!" Sasuke's high pitched scream filled the cave a he bolted upright, violently awoken from his terrifying nightmare.
"WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT'S GOING ON!?" Naruto jumped up and immediately took a defensive pose, ready for an attack. He looked around the small enclosing to find that nothing was amiss other than Sasuke was breathing really hard. "Hey...are you okay Sasuke?" He dropped his pose and bent down next to Sasuke.
Sasuke looked up at Naruto. It was just a dream. Just a dream. Naruto's still here and he's WASN'T captured by the Lunar Village and he most certainly WASN'T covered in my…blood… "...Fine...just a bad dream is all...."
"A bad dream? What about?"
"Nothing." Sasuke answered much too quickly.
"Didn't sound like nothing to me. Especially since you practically woke the dead when you shouted my name out like that. Come on, tell me. We're friends right. When someone is scared, they're friends should be able to help calm them. How am I sposed to do that if I don't even know what's eating you up inside...?" Sasuke continued to stare at Naruto.
"I dreamed....that you were....were...." Sasuke couldn't continue. He slumped his head onto his chest and let escape a few tears. Please don't let him see me crying. I don't want him to think I'm weak....
Naruto held still for a few moments but noticed a few glistening drops fall into Sasuke's lap. Then Naruto was moving. He crawled ever closer to Sasuke and wrapped his arms around his shoulders lightly. "Shhhh....It's okay. You can tell me. What happened?" Sasuke didn't reply at first.
"I dreamed that you had gotten killed Naruto." There was a pregnant pause.
"he..hehe...BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my god Sasuke! That's what you're so scared of!? You thought I had died! Hahahahaha! That's too hilarious! Dude, I'm one of the top ninja in the land next to you. Do you really think I could die that easily? By the hand of the Lunar Village? Jeez Sasuke! What do you take me for?! Sure they have their perks when it comes to traps and security but its ninjas are some of the worst trained that ever existed! Haha...he..ha..." Naruto's laughter died away. Sasuke just stared at him incredulously. SMACK! Naruto went skidding across the cave floor, Sasuke's fist still extended.
"You idiot! The one time that I actually felt genuine fear and you LAUGH AT ME!! I mean, if the guy I - the guy who's my best friend died of course I'd be worried! Of course I would shout out for his sake! That's just common sense! GOD!" Sasuke just sat there now, breathing heavy with anger. Anger at Naruto, anger at the situation, and anger at the fact that he had almost let slip that he liked Naruto...It's true then. I really do like Naruto. I fell asleep with him in my arms like it was the most natural thing in the world. I'm crying over the fact that I had dreamed he died…with my blood on him….. And when he hugged me a moment ago I felt really nervous, comforted,  not annoyed.
"We should probably get moving now. We're already half a day behind schedule because of that storm. But I'm sure if we double-time today we should be able to get back on track." Naruto stated, lifeless. He was a little stunned by Sasuke's outburst. What was he about to say? I'm almost certain that he was about to say something else before he said "the guy who's my best friend." I wonder.....Naruto got up from his position on the ground and stretched. Sasuke joined him after a short moment. "Na. Sasuke. Wanna make it a race to see who can get there first?" Naruto asked, excitement in his voice.
"Sure. Why not dobe."
"Hmph. Don't call me dobe, teme." And with that last statement, they both fell into a dead run. Neither let up for the entire day. Pushing themselves to their absolute limits and even farther. Their endurance being tested. Egos at stake.


Naruto collapsed to the ground. A small puff of dust flew around him. Sasuke slumped to his knees next to him.
"Ha. I win Sasuke! You lose!"
"Hn." That's all Sasuke could manage as he was breathing so hard. Naruto had really given him a run for his money. He hadn't been able to let up at all today and he had still lost. They both continued to breathe heavily on the leaf covered ground. Neither was in any hurry to move again after such a strenuous workout.
"You know. I really hope that we don't end up sore tomorrow. Right Sasuke?" Naruto asked. He turned his head to look up at his teammate. His eyes were closed as he tried to even out his breathing.
"Yeah. That would be a pain in the ass. Especially since we have another day of running tomorrow. Thank god it's the last day of that for a while."
"Yeah. And then we just have to break into one of the most heavily guarded sanctuaries without getting caught by all the ninja in the village. That will be a hell of a lot easier than just running." Sasuke knew Naruto was just being sarcastic but he couldn't help but read more into it. Naruto's right. This isn't going to get easier until we finish the mission and start heading back to Konoha. I gotta be more careful. I can't let myself get sucked in by Naruto's easy-going attitude. This is a top priority mission and I can't screw it up. It's my first chance to redeem myself after returning to Konoha. We MUST succeed.
"We should probably eat something and then get some sleep. Like I said, we still have another long run ahead so we're going to need all of our strength. Here's your share for today." Sasuke reached inside his backpack and pulled out some more rice balls. He handed them to Naruto and within ten seconds they were gone.
"Man, I REALLY wish that we could have something to eat besides rice balls..."
"Well if I remember right, according to Lady Tsunade the checkpoint on the fourth day has a fresh water stream near by. I guess we could try and cook some fish or something."
"Really!? That would be great! I can't wait for tomorrow night to come now!" Sasuke just chuckled at the outburst. Only Naruto would get that excited about food. Well...him and Choji I guess...Naruto began to try and get comfortable on the ground. Within seconds he had fallen into a peaceful sleep. Sasuke, of course, took notice. He couldn't help but stare at Naruto. Now that he knew he really did like him, he couldn't help but watch him. Sasuke's eyes repeated the action they had performed two nights ago. Across Naruto's torso, up to his hair, down to his face. Sasuke began to slowly and silently scoot closer to Naruto. I wonder if his hair really does feel as soft as it looks. Sasuke crouched next to his sleeping teammate. Trying to be as quiet as possible, he reached his hand up and placed it on Naruto's head. Naruto didn't stir, he continued to lay there. Sasuke began to move his hand over blonde locks. Touching them, sifting through them. Naruto sighed. This brought Sasuke's attention away from Naruto's hair to his face, particularly to his lips. They were still slightly parted and Sasuke didn't even have to think about it. His hand moved down to rest at Naruto's cheek. Naruto's head subconsciously turned into the gentle caress. Sasuke shifted to sit on his knees and leaned forward. His eyes closed as he neared his destination. Warm leather met his lips. Sasuke pulled back for a second, eyes still softly closed. Then, urged to feel the small pressure again, he closed the distance between him and Naruto. He moved his other hand to rest next to Naruto's head so that he wouldn't fall over. He began to move his lips. This is pure bliss. was all Sasuke had time to think before he felt something wet and smooth dart across his bottom lip. He pulled back for a moment, confused. He forced his eyes open to look at Naruto. He didn't look any different. He looked just as peaceful as ever. I must have imagined it. My mind played a trick on me as I imagined what I wanted to happen…. Reasoning finished, Sasuke leaned forward one more time. He could have sworn he felt Naruto's lips begin to move too. Sasuke sighed into the kiss, loving the feeling it was giving him. He felt something moist and warm dart past his teeth into his mouth. His eyes shot open. Naruto's eyes were closed but he could tell that it wasn't a sleep-induced closing. He was awake and his eyes were closed for the same reason Sasuke's had fallen shut. He felt Naruto's tongue prod his and that's when Sasuke pulled back, shocked. He could feel his cheeks turning red. Naruto's eyes fluttered open. Azure found onyx. Sasuke blushed an even deeper shade of red. Sasuke abruptly fell to his side, facing away from Naruto, with five feet between them. He closed his eyes tightly and pretended to fall asleep. There was no way he was going to be able to fall asleep quickly, not when his blood was pounding its way through his entire body so quickly and forcefully. He could feel Naruto watching him. It was making the hair on the back of his neck stand up and it certainly wasn't helping with his steadily increasing problem.
"S-Sasuke?" Sasuke could hear the breathlessness in his teammate's voice. Did he really enjoy it that much? I wonder if he's in the same state as me right now. There was silence. Sasuke was still trying to pull of the fake slumber. "Sasuke." More quiet. "SASUKE! OI! GOD DAMMIT SASUKE! NOBODY FALLS ASLEEP THAT FAST!" Even though startled by the yelling, Sasuke continued to pretend. He couldn't trust himself in this condition. And to be honest he was a little freaked out by the fact that Naruto had caught him kissing him. And he was even more started by the fact that he had kissed back to such an extent. Does he like me too? "Fine! Be that way! If you're going to give me the silent treatment then I'm going to give it to you too!" Naruto abruptly rolled over, facing away from Sasuke. Not a single thing stirred. No animals had decided to disrupt the tension. Even the wind had decided to die away. What's his problem!? He kissed me first! You would think he would be happy that I hadn't beaten the living shit out of him for that! For all he knows, I could be a homophobic prick who commits hate crimes...Maybe....maybe he was startled. I mean, if I had kissed someone and they woke up in the middle of it, I would probably be startled too. Especially if I hadn't wanted that person to find out I had kissed them. An eternity of fifteen minutes went by.
"Na. Sasuke." No response. Naruto rolled over to face Sasuke. He scooted closer to him without getting up. He tapped him on the back. "Sasuke?" There was still no response. Naruto looked at Sasuke. His could tell that he was breathing steadily, but he was breathing much too deeply for it to be considered a normal slumber. "I'm sorry Sasuke." Naruto leaned forward and placed a feather light kiss on Sasuke's temple. "Good night teme." Naruto rolled back over so that he faced away from Sasuke again. He fell asleep within the next ten minutes. When Sasuke was sure that Naruto was completely asleep, he moved closer to the blonde. He pressed his back into Naruto's. "Good night dobe." Finally at ease, he let his eyes fall shut comfortably and fell asleep.


Sasuke woke up the next day feeling very warm....and then he realized why. He was wrapped up in Naruto's arms, his face resting next to Naruto's chest. When had that happened? I don't remember falling asleep this way.....Suddenly realizing his situation, Sasuke's eyes widened exponentially. What was he doing?! Why was he not bothered by the fact that he was perfectly at home this way, wrapped up in such warmth, so close to the blonde dobe, so close he could hear him breathing softly, feel Naruto's body against him, almost kiss his neck from where he was....Oh not this shit again!! Sasuke extricated himself from Naruto's slack hold on him and moved away from the cause of his dilemma. Sasuke sighed. What am I going to do? If this continues I won't be able to finish the mission properly if I keep getting a little overly excited everytime he's near me. This is such a pain. Sasuke looked back over at Naruto. He was still asleep. I wonder if today will be awkward at all. I mean, after what happened, I don't know how I'll be able to look him in the eye. Sasuke sighed again. Naruto began to stir. Sasuke could hear the ruffling of his clothing as he began to stretch and groan out of his sleep induced stupor. I wonder if Naruto would ever groan for another reason....God damnit! I gotta stop having those kinds of thoughts! It's going to be awkward enough without him noticing how he affects me....Sasuke could feel the hair on his neck begin to stand up as Naruto looked over at him. Naruto gave Sasuke a once over, lingering particularly around his torso and lips. Naruto rose to his feet and began to move towards Sasuke. Sasuke stiffened.
"Sasuke? Where's the pack? I'm hungry." Of course, after last night, Naruto's only thoughts are about food. Sasuke sighed and retrieved the pack again. He chucked Naruto's rice balls at him. Sasuke got his own out and began to wolf them down. Who knew stress could make you so hungry. When the sounds of two hungry boys eating ended, there was a terribly awkward silence that followed. Sasuke couldn't talk because a lump in his throat was suffocating his speech pattern. And Naruto couldn't speak because he didn't really know what to say. What do you say to someone who you thought was your "just best friend" but who turns out to be someone you really, REALLY like? And what's more, that said person happened to kiss you the night before and then reacted badly when you kissed back?
"Sasuke? About last night....." Naruto started but had to stop because Sasuke looked up sharply and glared at him.
"What about last night?!" Sasuke spat at him. Naruto literally recoiled at the coldness of his speech. What the hell? You would think that he would be happy that I like him back! But no! He has to be all mister hateful and what not.
"Sasuke, I really think we should talk about this. Or it could get difficult to complete this mission." Naruto stated matter-oh-factly. Silence was his reply yet again. Not the cold shoulder again! When is he going to get over this?! Naruto sighed, exasperated. "Well, seeing as you're acting like a complete ass and closing up in you're little shell and we're done eating and it's obvious that this conversation is going no where, I think we should get moving. And just so you know, I won't be slowing down one bit today!" Naruto smiled triumphantly. "Because I want to get to our new campsite to get at that fish as soon as possible!" And with that last statement, Sasuke was left with nothing but a dust cloud where Naruto had been previously. Naruto knew where he was going and so did Sasuke, so Sasuke decided it would be best if that today they traveled separately. I still have a lot to sort out before I see him again. Like for starters, how the hell am I going to keep my hands off him?!


Naruto splashed down into the cool, flowing water. He had just finished his day long run and was now enjoying a wonderful swim in the river that was, as Sasuke had said, next to their campsite for the next couple of months. Sasuke still hadn't arrived yet but that didn't worry Naruto at all. Sasuke can take care of himself. For now his only concern was this blissful moment of brisk water and what he was going to do when Sasuke DID arrive. Damn! I just wanna kiss him again so BADLY. That has to be the most intoxicating kiss I have ever experienced. He was so awkward this morning. How can I get to get him to kiss me again? He doesn't seem to be willing to do it. Naruto laid back into the water, completely immersing himself. When he surfaced again, he sighed.
"What are you doing dobe?" Naruto started and splashed and spluttered about as he had swallowed quite a bit of water.
"Sasuke!" Naruto just stared at him. He was smirking again. What? Has he finally pulled his head out of his ass? Regaining his composure, Naruto said snippily, "Well quite obviously I am taking a long awaited rest in this river seeing as I have been running for quite some time and would like to recuperate." Sasuke chuckled.
"Mind if I join you?" Naruto just gaped at him. Was that a serious request!? Is Sasuke seriously asking me this!? Without much thought on the subject Naruto nodded.
"Who's stopping you?" Sasuke began to strip off his clothing, leaving only his boxers. Naruto couldn't help but gape again, mouth slightly parted. Despite the cool water, Naruto began to feel a little overheated. Sasuke descended into the water, stopping when it came up to his waist.
"What are you staring at Naruto?" Naruto snapped his mouth shut and averted his eyes away, blushing furiously. Sasuke chuckled again. Naruto felt the ripples of water as Sasuke neared towards him. Sasuke stopped right in front of Naruto. Sasuke grabbed his chin between his thumb and forefinger and tilted Naruto's head back, forcing him to look into his eyes. Sasuke was smiling softly. He began to lean forward. Something's wrong. He was so scared this morning. He wouldn't even look me in the eye! There is no way he would recover from that in just one day! Naruto's thought process ended as Sasuke's lips met his. All four eyes slid shut simultaneously. Lips began moving. Something's off. This isn't the same as last night. What's wrong with Sasuke? Suddenly Naruto's lips were cold and a rush of wind made him shiver. His eyes snapped open. He looked around. His eyes were met with quite a sight. Since when are there two Sasukes!! One Sasuke had another pinned to a tree and was holding a kunai to his throat. The one threatening was looking murderous, the other, scared enough to shit his pants.
"What the hell is going on!?" Naruto yelled out. "Has the world gone mad!?" Naruto's answer appeared in the form of a poof of smoke and a different ninja appearing where the Sasuke in danger had been just a moment before. Glancing up at his headband, Naruto deduced that he was from the Lunar village. "What are you doing here?" Naruto was speaking to the unknown member of their tiny gathering, but Sasuke answered for him.
"Saving your neck is what! Didn't you see the kunai he was holding to your back!" Sasuke was glaring at Naruto, looking like he could just as easily turn around and kill Naruto and leave the Lunar ninja alive. Naruto flinched. "And you! What the fuck are you doing kissing him!! If you're here to kill us at least have the decency to do it without messing around with us as well!" And with that last statement there was a flick of wrist, a splatter of ruby, and a slumping body. There was a tense silence as Sasuke stood there, breathing heavily, not moving.
"Sasuke.....? Are you alright?"
"NO!! I'M NOT FUCKING ALRIGHT!! I FINALLY GET HERE AFTER YOU DITCH MY ASS AND WHAT DO I SEE!!!? YOU FUCKING LOCKING LIPS WITH SOMEONE ELSE!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!?" Sasuke was screaming at him. He was glaring so hard at Naruto that said blonde seriously thought he was going to wither from its intensity. Naruto just stood there, trying to understand why Sasuke was so angry. He can't possibly be jealous....could he?
Naruto began to wade his way toward Sasuke. Steadily Naruto drew closer and closer to him. All was quiet except the displaced sloshing of water as Naruto dragged himself up onto the bank. Naruto was very close to Sasuke now, so close he could hear that Sasuke had stopped breathing. Wow. What a change. Screaming and breathing heavily to not breathing at all. A breeze kicked up and a few leaves fell to the already leaf strewn forest floor. It died away. All was still now.
"Sasuke." Sasuke started breathing again, albeit shallowly. "I know what you've been doing for the past three nights. Checking me out while I was asleep, touching my face and hands, and...kissing me. I knew about it all Sasuke." Sasuke's breath hitched. Naruto stared at Sasuke. Taking in his eyes, his raven hair, his lips. Naruto placed his hand on Sasuke's neck. Sasuke gasped at his cool touch, still slightly wet from the water. Naruto moved his hand up through black locks. Sasuke began trembling and his eyelids slid shut. Jezeez. Just touching his hair makes me feel nervous and jittery. Naruto took another step closer to Sasuke, his chest separated from Sasuke's by only a few centimeters. Naruto's other hand came up to Sasuke's now slightly flushed cheeks. God. How can someone who acts so cold be so freakin warm!? Naruto's eyes seemed to be solely fixed on Sasuke's lips now. Without so much as a hesitance Naruto leaned forward and felt the slightest pressure for the smallest second before pulling back. Somehow his eyes had closed and so now he opened them. Sasuke's lips had parted slightly. Slowly Sasuke's eyelids fluttered open as well. They stared at each other for another moment or two and then Sasuke leaned forward again, eye's asking fro another kiss. Wow. That's a switch from earlier. Naruto happily complied. They both leaned in again. Closer....closer....warmth. An incredible warmth filled Naruto's entire being. The hand on Sasuke's cheek descended, wrapped around to Sasuke's lower back, and pulled him foreword the last few spaces. Naruto felt pressure around his shoulders. He opened up his eyes reluctantly and saw that Sasuke had brought up his arms to wrap around him, pulling him even closer.
Naruto couldn't force his eyes to stay open any longer so he let them slide shut again, lost in sensation.
Sasuke sighed suddenly and Naruto used the opportunity at hand. He delved his tongue into Sasuke's moist mouth. Sasuke began to move his tongue into Naruto's mouth as well. If he was hot before, he was on fire now.
Naruto gasped and pulled back quickly as all that heat ran south. Sasuke soon latched onto his neck, sucking and nibbling at the tender, bronze flesh there. A small groan escaped Naruto. Naruto's head lolled back onto his shoulder as Sasuke continued to abuse his neck. He began to pant quietly as Sasuke's hand moved lower to his back. Naruto's knees began to quake and he slumped lower. Sasuke grabbed onto him and supported and lowered him to the ground. Sasuke now hovered over Naruto, one thigh between his.
Sasuke was still for an immeasurably long moment. Feeling frustrated from neglect Naruto reached up and grabbed the front to Sasuke's shirt and pulled him down for another kiss. It was as if time had stopped. Lips moving, tongues reaching, hands was all overwhelming. Sasuke's hand began to move lower along Naruto's body, slowly and tentatively. His hand had reached the dividing point between Naruto's jacket and pants. It lay there, still and scared.
Sasuke pulled back, panting heavily, a thin line of saliva still connecting them. His eyes opened slowly. Naruto gazed up at him. In Sasuke's eyes Naruto saw raw lust but at the same time, a hesitance. What is he waiting for? Naruto thought.
After a long moment it finally dawned on Naruto that Sasuke was asking for his permission to continue. How weird for Sasuke to be asking for anything, let alone permission to do something. Naruto reached up and placed his hand on Sasuke's cheek, assuring him that everything was ok, that he wanted this too. Azure orbs penetrated deeply into coal pits.
Sasuke, seeming to understand, began to move his hand upward again, this time no clothing separated them. Naruto's eyelids fluttered again and he shuttered. All he could feel was Sasuke's surprisingly soft hand moving higher and higher. Across sculptured abs, up to his collar bone, and back down to hardening buds. Naruto audibly groaned as Sasuke began rubbing at his nipples. A buck of his hips accompanied Naruto's outburst. Sasuke leaned down again, placing soft kisses all over Naruto's face and neck. Naruto began panting heavily. Suddenly Naruto felt the cool autumn air surrounding his torso. Somehow, Sasuke had removed his shirt.
Sasuke began moving his mouth lower. His hands moved underneath Naruto and supported his lower back. Naruto's head rocked back as his hips bucked up again. This time Sasuke groaned as Naruto's hardness rubbed against his own. Sasuke suddenly sat up and left Naruto whimpering in his absence. Sasuke was back instantly, this time shirtless. Sasuke placed both of his hands at either side of Naruto's head and leaned down again. He kissed Naruto senseless and pressed his bare chest up against Naruto's. Naruto's hands did something unexpected. He moved them down to grab Sasuke's and pressed them to his crotch. Both groaned simultaneously into each others' mouth. They parted and panted. Sasuke's hands were left to themselves as Naruto started to undo Sasuke's pants. Unbuttoned and unzipped, Naruto pulled Sasuke's pants down and off him completely. Sasuke couldn't help but sigh. His pants had really started to feel uncomfortable and strained. Sasuke stopped suddenly. He had heard a weird sound. It wasn't a sound from the enemy but it was strange nonetheless. He looked down at Naruto. His face was in its usual pose of hilariouty. Only this time, it looked as if he was trying to muffle his laughter.
"What, might I ask, is so god damned funny in this situation?" Sasuke asked, annoyed.
"Dude, look down at what you're wearing!" Sasuke looked down and immediately flushed. Great. I finally get to this point with Naruto and I have to be wearing my bright pink boxers! That's just perfect! And it's even the ones with little chibi ninjas on them! I can't believe I even have these!
A silence filled the air, only punctuated by Naruto's muffled chuckles. Starting to get fed up with Naruto, Sasuke pushed himself up into a sitting position a few feet away from Naruto. "God Naruto! It's not THAT funny! What!? Does this ruin your perfect masculine image of me of something!? If it does, than screw you! I happen to like this pair! They're comfortable!" At this Sasuke swiftly stood up and strode away into the forest, away from Naruto and his stunned silence. His laughter had finally been driven away.  I can't believe I just screwed that up! How could I be so stupid! I was so close and so close to him! God Damnit! Naruto sighed in frustration. How am I going to fix this? And how are we ever going to finish the mission with things like this? It's bound to be awkward......

A collaboration write between myself and ~ToxikxTobi
we do not claim ownership over Naruto or any of the characters or concepts.

the original Naruto themes and concepts belong to Mishashi Kishimoto

the only thing ours is the idea for this particular story line of events (although its not very original. :P)

chapter 2: [link]
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